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Neighborhood Watch and Social Media

Learn about the Advances in Technology Taking Neighborhood Watch to the Next Level

As watch groups move away from Phone Trees, many groups are now turning to social media as a way to communicate. Here are some basic tips on how to set up some new communications for your group using Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs. Tips on what to post and examples of what we have been doing can be found on the National Neighborhood Watch Facebook page.


Did you know that delaying a burglar for four minutes is generally considered sufficient to prevent entry into a residential dwelling? Visit the Publications section of to find out more and to learn ways you can protect your home against burglary.

Heading out of town for a much needed vacation? Good for you, but first make sure to check out Neighborhood Watch and the Savvy Traveler and follow the guidelines to help keep your home safe while you're away!


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Did you remember to change those batteries in your smoke deter and CMD? Don't forget to also check those windows and door locks.


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