National Neighborhood Watch

A Division of the National Sheriffs' Association

Crime prevention through neighborhood cohesiveness and collaboration.


Nextdoor and the National Neighborhood Watch

Nextdoor is proud to partner with the National Sheriffs’ Association by offering our 
Virtual Neighborhood Watch guide for residents and free access to Nextdoor for
Public Agencies for all law enforcement agencies.


Neighborhood Watch Members:
Click here to download the Nextdoor’s Virtual Neighborhood Watch Guide

Law Enforcement Officers:
Click here to gain access to Nextdoor for Public Agencies,
Nextdoor’s free government interface

What is Nextdoor for Public Agencies?

Nextdoor for Public Agencies, our free government interface, enables law enforcement to build strong ties and trust with the neighborhoods they serve to improve the effectiveness of their relational, community, and neighborhood policing efforts.

With access to Nextdoor for Public Agencies, officers and staff can geo-target messages to specific neighborhoods or services areas, or their entire municipality improving the reach and efficiency of their outreach. Nextdoor members who are verified residents automatically receive communications.

“As the sheriff of a major metropolitan county, my top priorities are preventing crime, connecting with my community, and controlling the message. Nextdoor helps us do all three, and much more.  We can customize our message and direct it to as small or large of a geographical area as we need.  Whether we are issuing disaster warnings, solving cold cases, hunting a fugitive, or sharing crime tips, Nextdoor makes it simple and effective.  If you care about your county like I do, Nextdoor is the perfect partner.”

Sheriff Javier Salazar
Bexar County Sheriff's Office, Texas

Unique capabilities and differentiators:

Reach residents in the right places.

Share information with whom it matters most by sending messages to targeted service areas and neighborhoods.

Engage in constructive conversations.

Mitigate online “trolling” by ensuring residents are who they say they are - Nextdoor users must verify their address, use their real name, and adhere to community guidelines.

Drive positive outcomes offline.

Solicit feedback, educate the community with interactive polls, and improve attendance at local events and training sessions.











Thousands of Law Enforcement Agencies use Nextdoor:

  • Large cities like Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago
  • State police like NJ, MA, and MI
  • Counties like King, Bexar, and Prince George’s
  • and cities and towns of all sizes

For best practices and frequently asked questions, see our crime prevention launch and engagement plan.